I’ve had Dry Mouth for Years and Nothing Works!

If you think you are alone in feeling frustrated and hopeless with your dry mouth, you are not. In fact, this is the most common comment I receive from my patients as well as visitors to the Dry Mouth Support Community.  Dry Mouth is an often-overlooked and silent problem as many feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed to talk about it with others. Oftentimes it is difficult to treat which causes many complications that can really affect one's quality of life. 


So why is dry mouth so difficult to treat?

The problem lies in the fact that there may be major difficult-to-treat underlying health conditions that could be causing dry mouth. Additionally here could be other factors which could be making the problem worse.

First, it is very important to be checked out by your doctor to find the cause of your Dry Mouth. There are some medical conditions such as Sjogren’s Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer Treatment, Uncontrolled Diabetes, Medications etc. which can cause Dry Mouth. 

Second there are other possible causes which include habits, diet, environment and hydration. Did you know that dehydration, salty and acidic foods, smoking can contribute to dry mouth? 

Everyone is different and can be affected by these conditions in various ways. Some individuals may have multiple conditions/reasons which cause dry mouth. It is important to look into all the possibilities and address them accordingly. 

So what is the solution for dry mouth?

 Just like there may be different combination of causes for dry mouth, there can be different combinations of solutions.

Some treatment will be directed toward addressing underlying causes such as treating/managing medical conditions with your medical doctor.

Others include palliative treatment such as the use of dry mouth formulated over the counter products such as dry mouthwashes, sprays, lozenges, oral discs etc, as well as proper diet and habit alterations and hydration.

My mission is to address all these aspects in detail and introduce a new approach to comprehensively manage Dry Mouth. 

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