Why is My Mouth So Dry Durning the Night?


As if it was not uncomfortable enough during the day it is the night that ends up being the biggest struggle for many of those suffering from dry mouth. We are often woken up in the middle of sleep by the dryness, our tongues stick to the top of our mouths and or be have an awful sticky taste that we wish would just go away.


Why does it happen?

First, this is a result of our body’s natural function. In the evening, our bodies slowdown in preparation for sleep.  Our metabolism, organs, glands, including salivary glands, wind down and as a result produce less saliva.


Another reason is our local environment. Our homes and bedrooms are heated and or cooled in order to create comfortable conditions depending on the season. However, what often we do not realize is that heaters, coolers, fans etc. can directly dry out our mouths and make the problem worse.


When we sleep we are also more likely to breathe through our mouth. Some of the reasons for this include allergies, sinus obstruction/infection, a cold, snoring, deviated septum, use of CPAP machines. (Read here about CPAP machine use and Dry Mouth), use of dental appliances such as night guards, braces etc.


Read here about other causes of dry mouth.


What can be done to help?

1) First address the underlying problem. If you have allergies, a cold, sinus obstruction etc. see your doctor for treatment. To help with allergies keep your local environment as clean as possible, minimize the number of allergens present, consider use to air purifiers. There are also adjustments to CPAP machines which can help improve dry mouth side-effects. Click here to read more.


2) Try to not overuse heating, conditioning more than necessary. Consider using a humidifier in your home/bedroom.

3) Keep water next to your bed so you have easy access in case you get thirsty, experience dry mouth.

4) Remember to avoid alcohol-containing mouthwashes. I highly recommend my 100% Organic All Natural Mouthwash for Dry Mouth Relief. After brushing and flossing rinse for 20-30 seconds and spit. Do not rinse with water to allow for oils to coat the oral cavity for dry mouth relief.  

Organic Mouthwash Dry Mouth

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5) Salivary Gland Massage and Warm Compresses

Are used for management of salivary stones and salivary gland infections. This practice can also be very useful in helping stimulate saliva flow and production by salivary glands in those who experience from dry mouth. It is something you can do before going to bed as well as other times during the day. 
Watch video where I show step by step how to preform: Salivary Gland Massage and Warm Compresses


6) Some individuals find it helpful to use oral adhesive discs (XyliMelts ®) which attach to the gums and release Xylitol throughout the night to moisturize and lubricate the mouth.

Read more about how to help with Dry Mouth here: What Causes of Dry Mouth? Dry Mouth Symptoms and Home Remedies 

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Dr. Anna

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